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Puerto Galera

One of the most scenically spectacular tropical events is when your ferry enters the Batangas Channel into the natural anchorage of Puerto Galera (Port of Galleons), with white sand palm fringed beaches, with the jungle covered mountains rising in the distance.


Puerto Galera is the only bay in the Philippines to be listed by Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World  The most well known beaches are Sabang and White Beach which are centers for resorts, bars, and restaurants.


Sabang is the main destination with it’s nightlife, is linked to Big and Small La Laguna Beaches by footpaths (pack a flashlight to avoid walking into mooring ropes and coral rocks at night).


The mountain range is generally unexplored, and is home to the spectacular Ponerosa Golf Club.  Ethnic Mangyan communities live in the mountains, some with virtually no contact with the outside world.


Puerto Galera is one of the main technical diving destinations in Asia.

Technical Diving International - [TDI] has many dive centers in the area, offering the full range of TDI courses from Basic nitrox to advanced trimix.


Diving is spectacular, with some of Asia's best dive sites available to explore.

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